Vintage Themed First Birthday Party

When I started to plan my sons first birthday party I remember thinking that airplanes would be fun. The only thing is there isn’t a lot of airplane type products at party city. So once we decided it would be vintage airplanes we knew we would have to create a lot of items ourselves. The first thing I did was purchase this printable vintage airplane set from etsy seller Dimpleprints. One thing though, be prepared to spend money on ink, for the larger prints I had them printed through a print lab.

We were featured by Dimpleprints

This was his invitation.


From the top left:

  • Chocolate covered marshmallows, I used paper straws that I bought at amazon here.
  • Cake topper: I created the cake topper by following these instructions found here.
  • Lollipops can be purchased here.
  • Cake Push up Pops
  • Cracker jacks can be purchased here.
  • Cloud sugar cookies, cookie cutter can be purchased here.

We packed sandwich’s in clear take out containers and wrapped them in food safe wrapping paper.

  • Airplane Crayons by etsy seller 123polkadotty.
  • Airplane models purchased here.
  • Gable boxes where purchased from Box and Wrap and decorated with travel stickers from etsy seller shopkstudio
  • I bought the pinata from here but i had to deconstruct and reconstruct it to look like a biplane and to match the colors of the party. What I did to make a biplane is added two toliet paper rolls to the side and a piece of cardboard on top. Then I took crepe streamers and recovered the entire plane.
  • Jr pilot wings were purchased off of ebay.


Photo Booth- We set up a point and shoot camera to take photos for our guests. Then we printed them out on the Pogo printer here

  • We purchased the plane from Kmart
  • Printed all the props from the following sites for free. Here and Here


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