An Easy Elzee – Beanbag Backdrop Frame {Raleigh Durham Newborn Photographer}

An Easy Elzee – Making Your Own Beanbag Backdrop Frame

Looking to give your fabrics that lush, elongated look that seemingly melts into the distance of your images? The way to do this is by using a Beanbag Backdrop Frame. The good news is that making your own Beanbag Backdrop Frame is simple AND inexpensive (two words I love seeing next to each other). This Easy Elzee will show you just how to do it – read on!

(frame pictured above with fabric draped over, secured with clamps)

(the frame gently pulls away the fabric, as shown above)


1)   Gather the materials needed: 

PVC joints (make sure you buy PVC fittings [white] and not CPVC fittings [beige])

  • (4) ¾-inch 3-way corner joints*
  • (4) ¾-inch elbow joints
  • (2) ¾-inch T-joints

*The 3-way corner joints you may not find at your local hardware/Lowe’s/Home Depot store – I tried but you may have better luck. I recommend just ordering them online here.




PVC piping (again, make sure you buy PVC and not CPVC)

  • (4) ¾-inch, 10-ft long

Tip: If your hardware store will cut them for you, cut the following pieces and skip straight to Step 5:

– (7) 44-inch pieces

– (4) 19-inch pieces

– (2) 24-inch pieces


  • Measuring tape
  • Hacksaw (or any electrical saw such as miter, compound, or hand saw will do)
  • Permanent marker
  • (optional) Hand sander or loose sandpaper

2)   Mark cut lines into your PVC piping using the tape measure and permanent marker. You will need the lengths referenced in the previous step.







3)   Cut the PVC along the cut lines

Tip: If using a hacksaw or hand saw, start with short, quick strokes until the blade “bites” into the PVC. Once it establishes itself, switch to longer strokes. This will reduce effort and strain.





4)   (optional) Sand the edges of the cut PVC piping with sandpaper. This will create a bit of a mess – keep a broom nearby!

5)   Assemble the frame in this order:

  • Construct the square “foundation” flat on the ground by connecting (4) of the 44-inch pieces and all (4) 3-way corner joints
  • Insert all (4) 19-inch “risers” into the 3-way joints
  • Connect the (2) T-joints onto the back two “risers”
  • Connect (2) elbow joints to the front two “risers, then connect (2) 44-inch pieces to the T-joints
  • Insert the (2) 24-inch “risers” into the T-joints and attach the last (2) elbow joints at the top
  • Connect the last 44-inch piece across the top







Voila! (Mini-Spiderman not included)

Your Beanbag Backdrop Frame is now complete. Feel free to disassemble and reassemble as needed to transport the Beanbag Backdrop Frame.

Prep Time:           20 minutes
Build Time:           10 minutes
Cost:                     Less than $20

Credits:  Allyson Photography for the basis of this Easy Elzee. Thank you Allyson for the inspiration!

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