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Maezie Fresh 48 session {Cary Hospital Photographer}

For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you! You can just see the love pouring from this mom and dad. I just adore Fresh 48 sessions. They capture the quiet moments with your new baby in between the whirl wind of nurses and

Wes Fresh 48 Hospital Session at Wakemed {Cary Hospital Photographer, Baby Photography}

I love seeing a older sibling get all excited for their new baby brother or sister. Wes’s sister did not disappoint. She wanted to help with every thing and she was very concerned for him. I think she will be watching over him for the rest of

Audrey Fresh 48 {Cary’s best Newborn photographer}

Another beautiful baby was welcomed into this world.  Audrey was a day old when we did her hospital session. I am so grateful to capture these moments for her and her family. With the rate that children grow, and how clouded you feel in the

Alayna Fresh 48 Session Wakemed {Raleigh Durham Baby Hospital Photography}

Fresh 48 sessions are done approximately 1-2 days after giving birth. We will come to the hospital and do a small session in the hospital room. Details of your new baby boy or girl. This is Alayna and she was so precious when we visited her just 24